Becoming an Advocate

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy means speaking up, and it begins with you! You know your child better than anyone.

Before your child starts at a new program, or with a new caregiver, talk with the caregiver about your child, what your child likes, and what works best with your routines. Your cultural values, opinions, and desires for your child should be respected by your caregiver. Sharing this information helps your caregiver to know your child and your family better. A few minutes of communication at the beginning and end of the day make a big difference. Caregivers have valuable information to share with you about how your child’s day went, child development, exciting learning that took place that day, or something special your child did or said. Through partnering with your child’s caregiver, you become your child’s champion. 

Once you feel comfortable advocating for your own child, consider advocating for the children in your community in any of the following ways:

* Join the South Carolina Child Care Resource & Referral Network’s Grassroots Parent Advocacy Network.

* Contact us to create your “My Child Care Story” video for our YouTube Channel.

* Like our Facebook page to stay updated the latest SC-CCRRN news.

* Join us for one of our early childhood trainings or advocacy events.


Counting on You to Count the Kids!

It’s time for all families to have access to affordable child care that is safe, healthy, educationally and developmentally sound.

SC CCR&R is working to build Grassroots Parent Advocacy Networks throughout South Carolina in support of children, and we want you to become a member of Grassroots Parent Advocacy Network. It's free and open to anyone with an interest in children and child care. 

Our Grassroots Parent Advocacy Network will provide parent involvement opportunities, resources, early childhood training, direct, virtual contact with policy makers, social networking, and other great benefits—all at no charge! 

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