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Selecting Quality Child Care

South Carolina Child Care Resource & Referral (SC CCR&R) is committed to helping parents find the best information on locating quality child care, early childhood resources in their community, information on state licensing requirements, and availability of child care subsidies. It also supports families in making child care choices for their children to prepare them for school readiness and a bright future.

The American Psychological Assocation (APA) has created a list of questions they call the "High Five". These are the five questions the APA recommends parents ask themselves about child care facilities and early learning centers they are evaluating as a potentional match for their child's needs:

1) What’s happening in the classroom? Looking around the room, do you see toys or activities that your child would like? Do children seem to be choosing their own activities, working together, or following adult direction? Is there a routine, and is it flexible?

2) How are teachers and children getting along? What is the tone when teachers talk to each other, and to the children? Are positive communication and kindness modeled between the adults and to the children?

3) How do teachers guide, and when needed, redirect children’s behavior? Do you see clear expectations for child behavior, and would your child understand them? If a child or a group of children are struggling with something, do adults step in, and how?

 4) How do teachers talk with children? Are teachers talking with the children about what the children are doing and if so, how? Are comments positive and specific to the child? Are new ideas or questions introduced that may guide a child to the next step or another interesting activity?

5) How do teachers communicate with parents? How do teachers talk about and to parents? Is there a way to know what is happening day to day, and what will be happening over the next few weeks (e.g., community gatherings)? Can families visit, and does the program have a plan to support school transition when the time comes?

To find the best child care program for your child, be sure to utilize the helpful tips outlined by the American Psychological Association in the following links:

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