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Young children are constantly learning, and introducing new ideas to play and learn with your child is important in this process. The following are a few parent and child activities resources to help you develop these ideas.

Family TLC provides busy, caring adults with a means to encourage learning and enrich relationships with their children.  Here you will find, promote, and foster interactive learning experiences, enhance and strengthen family connections and build core values that are essential for success in life.

BrainPop is a Health, Science, Technology, Math, English Social Studies, and Arts animation and education site for kids.

Parents brings parents the latest breakthroughs in children's health, nutrition, and education, and addresses current events from a parenting perspective. 

Child Fun features crafts for kids, parenting advice & support, preschool themes, coloring pages and more.

Grandparents enriches the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren with fun games, coloring pages, mazes, freebies, discounts, contests, and more.

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 parent and child activity ideas.