Family and Child Care COVID-19 Resource Updates

Types of Technical Assistance

SC CCR&R is committed to increasing the quality of early childhood programs — whether in a center-based or family-based setting — by providing a variety of types of on-site technical assistance depending on the identified goal of the program.

Type I – Issue Focused Technical Assistance

This type of assistance is delivered for the purpose of providing information and support to address an identified area of interest or concern.


  • Regulatory Requirements (Opening a child care facility)
  • Program Administration (Employee/Student File Organization to meet DSS requirements)
  • Policies and Implementation of Back to Sleep
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Development of Staff Training Plan and Career Planning
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity Policies
  • Licensing Deficiency (Supervision, Adult/Child Ratio, Staff Schedules, Health & Safety)
  • Resolve Corrective Actions


Type II – Guide Technical Assistance

The focus of this type of assistance is a formal assessment used as a tool to target specific key areas to improve the overall program quality and/or to improve assessment scores focused on a particular aspect. 


  • ABC Program Standards (achieve, maintain or increase ABC Level)
  • Environment Rating Scale to improve a Specific Subscales (ITERS, ECERS, FCCERS, SACERS)
  • Grow Healthy Standards
  • Early Learning Standards


Type III – Reflective Collaboration

This type of assistance helps early childhood programs identify overall goals and is a formal assessment for the purpose of ensuring sustainable long-term program quality.  


  • Inclusion – Materials & Equipment Adaptations
  • National Accreditation (NAEYC, NAFCC, NCCA)
  • Curriculum/Approach Implementation (Reggio, High/Scope, Creative Curriculum)
  • Funding dependent on Quality of Program (Head Start, community initiative)