Family and Child Care COVID-19 Resource Updates

Technical Assistance Model

SC CCR&R implements the method of coaching, which includes modeling and providing opportunities for teachers or home-based child care providers to intentionally practice a new strategy and features on-site training and staff teaming.  

Research states that coaching, often in combination with group trainings, is more effective in raising quality than group training delivered without any on-site assistance. Professional development combined with coaching provides an opportunity for sustainable change in the early childhood environment, which will provide positive outcomes for young children.

Coaching techniques include using reflective practice strategies, including posing open-ended questions to teachers and videotaping classes. The coaches help teachers analyze their teaching and its impact on children. Coaches meet bi-weekly with teachers to help them apply what they learn from professional development experiences — such as courses, on-site trainings, conferences, college coursework and workshop series or study groups — to their work with children. 

The coaches cultivate in teachers the habit of continually assessing what they can do to support children’s learning through the technique of reflective practices.

Not only are teachers introduced to coaching techniques, but the Director/Owner is an active, vital component of successful technique assistance and long term quality.

As teachers gain new insights, knowledge, and see children benefit from their new teaching strategies, the outcome is a sustainable systems change in the early childhood environment. Finally, upon closure of technical assistance services, the coaches, along with the director, identify several staff mentors to assist with the sustainable practices of continued quality practices.