Family and Child Care COVID-19 Resource Updates

Technical Assistance

SC CCR&R offers free technical assistance services as an intentional process that uses various strategies over time to improve the quality of a child care program or individual caregiver's practices through visits to the program — in other words, transferring knowledge into practice.  

SC CCR&R uses the technical assistance strategy of “Coaching,” which is a relationship-based process led by a “Quality Coach” to build your program’s capacity and, as the overall goal, to build program quality.  

Early Childhood Programs can request technical assistance from a Quality Coach by submitting a Technical Assistance Referral Form or contacting your county's SC CCR&R Quality Coach.



On-Site Technical Assistance

The primary goal of on-site technical assistance is to enhance the quality of care children receive. On-site technical assistance provides many valuable opportunities, including:

  • Providing an ongoing mechanism for establishing and reviewing professional development goals
  • Allowing for one-on-one training and coaching
  • Serving as a bridge between group training and actual staff practices
  • Providing support and mentoring to reduce staff stress, burnout, and turnover
  • Ensuring quality programming and quality care for children

What Teachers Should Know and Be Able To Do

  1. Promote Child Development and Learning
  2. Build Family and Community Relationships
  3. Observe, Document and Assess
  4. Use Developmentally Effective Approaches
  5. Use Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum
  6. Become a Professional