Family and Child Care COVID-19 Resource Updates

Employer Sponsored Child Care Facility

Employer sponsored childcare facilities provide an on-site or off-site child care program sponsored by the employer for the use of the employees. The center can be operated by the employer or by an outside for-profit or nonprofit organization. Parent fees cover a portion of the operating costs but the employer pays the start-up costs, ongoing operational costs and any operating losses that may occur during early stages of opening the program.

SC CCR&R can assist employers in sorting through which child care option is feasible for their company, as well as:

  • Providing statistical data on the current supply and demand of child care in a given area.
  • Providing information on average child care costs.
  • Providing education on components of a quality child care program.
  • Providing employee resource and referral for child care.
  • Sharing information on specific state requirements for child care programs.